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Foot Science International design and manufacture prefabricated custom foot orthotics to help treat those suffering lower back and limb pain, to prevent injuries and falls, and provide greater comfort and performance for athletes.

Formthotics are custom-fitted medical orthotics, designed to provide support and comfort for patients. A total contact foot orthotic – achieved by thermoforming (heat-moulding) the orthotic and fitting it to a patient’s foot. They form a vital part of our full-service Formthotics medical system.

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Described as ‘your secret weapon’ and based on a proven design, Formthotics Sport customisable orthotics fit your feet. You’re supported – play your sport in comfort for longer with less fatigue, move more efficiently with better responsiveness and improve stability. Ultimately, you’ll enjoy a great performance! 


When you’re on your feet for long periods of time, Formthotics Everyday can help keep you feeling your best. They reduce pain and discomfort, increase support and improve fit. Experience comfort for health and wellness all day, every day.

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Formthotics™ Youth are specifically designed for young, growing feet, which can be sensitive and require extra comfort and support as they develop and reach adult size at around 14 years. You can be sure your child's growing feet are developing in the way nature intended with a little help from science.

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Express Orthotics are designed in New Zealand for medical practitioners. They are prefabricated, heat-compression moulded EVA device based on the proven Formthotics shape with a supportive heel cup and arch support. They are a ready-fit orthotic insole that go straight inside the shoes to support and improve the natural posture of your feet. 

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